Tom Muses

Steven Minuchin, Trumps Treasury Secretary, who comes from Goldman Sachs, recently called the American people lazy. Not in that term, but he said that giving them $600 a month in unemployment will create a disincentive to work. A couple of months ago he masterminded, the Democrats supported, giving the banks, including Goldman Sachs, and large corporations access to $5 trillion. We know the bankers don't work. This is the attitude of the rich. They deserve everything for nothing and the workers deserve little. This attitude will not change with Republicans or Democrats. Vote Green.

50% of people in West Virginia and South Carolina could not pay their rents and mortgages last month. Nationwide the numbers are at about 33%. What happens when the emergency money to sustain the economy during Covid dries up to nothing. We will see a collapse of the economy and people will take to the streets. At least I hope they will take to the streets. Those in Washington, Democratic and Republican have no idea of the seriousness of the situation or what to do about it. They will not change anything. Vote Green, the only party with UBI, Medicare for All, Student Debt releif, fair minimum wage in the platform.

People are chaining themselves to the court house in New Orleans in an attempt to prevent petitions for eviction. 43 million Americans are in danger of being evicted in a couple of weeks. This country cannot provide housing for its citizens. It also cannot provide healthcare, education, or guaranteed employment. We have our police, who are sworn to defend the law, killing the citizens. Do we call this country a beacon of democracy or a failed state?

We can do something well though. We can bomb a lot of countries. We can be proud of our weapons.

This is the result of 40 years of neo-liberal economics and new-conservative politics. Both parties have created this. Do you think they can make things better? I'll let you in on a secret. They can't.

If you want a better America, don't vote the way you have been voting for the last 40 years. Vote Green.

Recently an article appeared in Bloomberg Business week by Max Abelson. It was a serious of conversations he had with a billionaire about the effect of Covid 19. When he asked about the number of cases and death, the billionaire responded, “What do I care?” as he headed to his country house.

Abelson reflected that “the rich were poised to make a profit while the vulnerable suffered and elderly died. In response to the bleak picture the billionaire responded…” It’s horrible.” Abelson related that the billionaire could not imagine and alternative.

In ending the article, the billionaire was quoted, “You want to change the system? I get that. You want to break the system? You better win. Because if you don’t, the system is going to break you.

That is the attitude of the rich. They cannot see any alternative to them being rich and all of us working and dying for them. They don’t care unless they fear a real change. If they worry about a real change, they will pull out everything they have to break us. Vote Green and we will fight to the end.

Let’s win.

The Chinese just concluded a large deal with Iran. The Chinese will give the Iranians billions in infrastructure improvements in exchange for low oil prices. The Chinese will get more than the oil, they will get Iran’s friendship. This kind of relationship is what builds strength.

What is the United States doing? We are forcing an international illegal boycott on Iran. We are denying them food and medicine. We are threatening to go to war. We taunt them with our warships close to their borders. With this kind of relationship what can the US expect. Years of resentment and mistrust. This is not a way to be strong.

All too often the US tries to build its empire by being thuggish, threatening violence, and committing violence. This causes us more enemies and fewer friends. Why would we not take an approach like the Chinese and seek friendship and mutual benefit?

We are making enemies and Chinese are making friends. No one is doing this to us, not the Russians, Chinese, or terrorists. We are creating enemies ourselves. We are doing this to ourselves.

We can change this crazy foreign policy, make friends, and make America respected again. Vote Green.